Traitor is a game where you have to survive during murders.And you need to survive,or kill everyone you see in your sight. If i'm not the Traitor and they are not,then...WHAT ARE YOU??

Normal Player Roles:

Innocent:They will explore the map and talk to other people about the killer and will find clues to figure out who is the Traitor.

Traitor:It's pretty basic, j u s t   k i l l   p e o p l e(just kidding don't actually follow my advice XD)Frame people and put them out of their misery.Just try not to get caught.

The Innocents:

 The Paranoid:Scared of almost everyone but only will talk to their twin brother.He will mostly help with the team but will not hesistate to be the Traitor since he is too kind to kill.

The Strong One:He does not really trust anyone and is friends with the Detective.He mostly helps with the team and get's along with the team Leader,The Paranoid And the Detective.He will do anything to try and find the Traitor.

The Team Leader:He will lead the other players and will take everything serious.And will not take it if anyone dies.

The Detective:He will go find clues and explore the map to find bodies and try to find the Traitor.

The Gamer:He does not do anything to help with the team since he is only focused on games.It's mostly not to care for him for his death.

The Woodcutter:Before he dies,he can write a sign whoever is the Traitor.Which is actually a good ability.

The Spy:He will ordered to spy on the Traitor's Crew by the Team Leader to try and find any clues.Once he finds some clues,he will warn the Team Leader.

Traitor's Crew:

The Accomplice:He will help the Traitor to cover up the bodies and will protect the Traitor even though he does not want to help the Traitor and he is forced to help the Traitor.

The Janitor:He will help the Traitor to clean up the dead bodies.

The Assassin:Once the power goes out,he will choose to kill someone while it is not on yet.

The Spy:He will spy on one of the Innocents and will tell the Traitor to choose someone to kill.

-------e n d-------

Possible Endings:

How to get the Good Ending:

Vote the Traitor.

Or have no one die.

'Thank god it's over...'

How to get the Bad Ending:

Kill everyone.

 Or have no one on your team voted out.

'*laughs*Pathetic,everyone still lost against me.Heh'

How to get the Genocide Ending:

Same thing as last one

'Even more pathetic.

How to get the Pointless Ending:

Vote no one out.

Or kill no one.

'Well that was pointless'

How to get the Traitor Ending:

Be the Traitor,this whole time...

You've killed everyone and you were the Traitor all along...

b u t  w a s   i t    a l l    w o r t h   i t...??


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